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Coronavirus PCR result 48 Hr Guarantee

Please note, patients seeking reimbursement of their clinic fee must evidence that any delay was consequential and that they were unable to board original flights. If you managed to board, despite any delay or non-delivery of results, no refund is due. If your flight has been cancelled or moved so that your results can no longer facilitate travel, no refund is due to any delay or non-delivery of results. If any patients or their party have tested positive for coronavirus, no refund is due under any circumstances.

Medical Express Clinic reserves the right to alter our 48-hour guarantee without notice in exceptional circumstances, which include an outbreak of coronavirus, a distinct and impactful increase in positivity rates or in the event of a public emergency or force majeure.

The extent of this guarantee solely covers the fee paid to the clinic for professional testing services. Medical Express Clinic under no circumstances accepts any liability for any costs incurred due to delayed or non-delivery of results.